Rapid Prototyping

Niels Black

When i first started modeling a part for rapid prototyping, I wanted something that could only be created with this kind of process. Thus I began by modeling cages that that could contain something complicated within. Then I began modeling celtic knots, as the overlapping and twisting tubes are also something that cant be made with traditional processes. gradually i realized that if the knot were expanded in the 3rd dimension, the knot would hold a ball in the center like a cage. Wanting the knot to be a necklace, i then added another loop that wove between the knot and formed a hook that a chain could loop through. Here is a picture of the model and the final part made with a plastic deposition 3D printer. it was attempted in a metal powder gluing machine, but some of the printheads failed halfway through and the part didn't hold together long enough to be sintered. Download the UG Part. Download the STL.