DDR Pads

I have always loved playing Dance Dance Revolution. So much so that it doesn't take long for the stock plastic mats the game comes with to start wearing through and looking like this:

You can buy better pads online, but they are ridiculously expensive, and I love a good project! I have made several versions, some for friends, and each model better than the last. Here is a picture of the first DDR set that I made. It was thick, heavy, bulky, hinged, and used rubber washers to hold the plexi-glass in place. Metal brackets were crazy expensive, so I though rubber wouldn't hurt to step on, but ended up getting a little in the way.

If you are making your own pads, here are the images I modified for my pads:

The last version of the design I documented so that I could make a walkthrough. I'm not sure when I'll get that, but I've included all the pictures here, and if you are thinking of making your own, don't hesitate to ask me any questions about my process!

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