I love building, designing and solving problems. Here is a list of some of my projects that have been documented and I will continue to work on adding more as I find the time.

High School Projects


Video Projector

Dance Dance Revolution Pads

My first computer 'case mod'

Northwestern Projects

A Hand Powered Vehicle(Engineering Design and Communications)

Northwestern's 2005 Design Competition

Northwestern's 2006 Design Competition

Robotic Card Dealer(Advanced Mechatronics group project)local mirror

Checkerboard(Manufacturing partnered project)

Rapid Prototyping Knot (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)

3-D laser scan and reconstruction of face (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)

Boe-Bot with Gyroscope and Integrator (Mechatronics group project)

Recent Personal Projects

A Center Speaker Mount

A custom mount for a graphics cooler

Kaufman Broadcast Projects

HD2 uplink truck

Busch Stadium Home plate camera mount

Audio Over Fiber Kits

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