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The adventures of 2 americans in japan. My favorite webcomic. Great story, artwork and characters
2 gamers with puns on all the latest in the gamer and geek world. Also very famous
another gamers webcomic, but with more of a plotline
incredible artwork, funny, and interesting. new storyline is currently being worked up
more great artwork, first half is full of great college-life humour and 'grows' from there
Weekly comic usually very oriented with new video games. very funny
Its a fun story that has a new page every day
very funny, but content warning. hey, i like it, and its a good artist
wish i had the time to read it all, but its on my to do list
good artist, some pretty funny content
i really enjoyed this comic. more of manga feel to it.
I really like the story and connect well with the characters. and he's been updating daily
I'm not an indie rock kinda person, and yet i still think its a great comic. try it!
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