[ 04-19-07 2:09am ]

Road trip to Las Vegas! Dan, Megan, Matt, Tina and I drove Megan's Aunt's Hummer all the way to Las Vegas, spending the night at Megans house in colorado halfway there. Stayed at the Excalibur from Sunday night to Friday Morning. Check out the Photo Album!

[ 01-04-06 10:54am ]

In other news, i passed all my classes and my next quarter doesn't look like it will be too bad. Christmas was spent at home in south dakota and in our cabin in colorado.

[ 11-24-2006 ]

(This Used to be page of its own, but its importance to me has diminished a bit, so i've moved it here)

When looking for anime, the 2 most common ways of getting episodes (that are not yet copywrited in the US) are through bittorrent and irc. As for myself, i just have a friend who is an irc god and can hook me up with anything. So in return, I help out as many people I can with getting what they need.

Here is a list of all the anime i currently have.

[ 10-2-05 8:20pm ]

Whats new? i'm taking 4 classes from hell. Elem.Differential Equations, Thermodynamics, Chemistry, and Mechanics of Materials. i'm spending 8+ hours of work some nights. My Computer hard drive failed, but i was right there waiting with a backup, but still, that took up a day. I got a nice new logitech blue gamers mouse. I've been playing some Day of Deafeat: Source. I'm watching "the 12 kingdoms" and really enjoying it. I'm writing this instead of doing my EA lab and thermo homework...

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