[ 03-11-12 6:40pm ]

Wow, nearly 5 years from the last update. Well, thats what work and a relationship will do to your free time and priorities. I havn't taken a break from web programming though. Contrary to my previous post, I still havn't learned javascript, but instead I have a learned a lot of PHP and mySQL. I've made a few database interfacing web sites for work, one of which I can proudly say gets used on a daily basis. Maybe I'll update this page to keep all these posts in a database rather than the main index page.

The reason for the update is because I have long wanted to update my online presence (and looking through some of this, I think I may have matured a bit too :p). I am likeing the new layout a lot; it is amazing how much easier some things have become with the maturing of web standards. The old styles can still be seen simply by changing the stylesheet. Also, you should be seeing some new additions to the projects section soon.

[ 05-09-07 12:04am ]

I'm currently reviewing and actually learning proper HTML/XHTML and CSS coding techniques, and as proof you can now check this document as being 100% Valid. Woot! lol, such a geek. But its interesting, as i'm learning new tricks, like how to start each paragraph with one of those images automatically rather than having to copy the code in manually. Next, i'm on to learn Javascript (finally). Also, i hear there is a way with javascript to change the scrollbar color over there ----> so it matches the page theme.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS!

[ 08-16-06 4:50am ]

yup, played with the layout, here it is. took me several weeks to find some free time again to actually implement the changes, tho you won't see too much change. and now, i'm off to play WoW on my home made projector.

[ 08-16-06 4:50am ]

I've been playing around a little with the layout. The sidebar will make switching themes easier. The background for the dark theme was made darker for easier reading.

I'm still working on the pages outlining my 2 summer projects. they should be here next update. Then i want to add some wallpaper and photo galleries, but i still need to look into the tools my web host has provided for making that easier.

[ 10-19-06 12:20am ]

Welcome to the Future Home of nfolken! i have a lot of changes to make, and so little time to make them in. need to redesign the web page. building from this setup, but simplifying a little, i think. I also need to add sections for my 'plogs' or project blogs for my latest projects; building two new pairs of ddr pads and a diy projector! so between those two and a full time job working for 'the man' making phone call hotel reservations, its a pretty busy summer.

Oh yeah, and with this new web space i have plenty of room for all kinds of media, so look forward to it. Plus, i have a number of extra domains left, so if you want one, it and a gig or two of space could be yours for $20! let me know if your interested. (oh yeah, also selling the second pair of ddr pads i'm making, not sure of the price yet, $200+ for the pair, i think)

[ 03-06-06 2:48am ]

updates! first thing you will notice is the cool image over here--> that is provided by a winamp pluggin 'audioscrobbler' and the wesite it works with to track my listening habits. Its a great site- look up your favorite artist and see what kind of stuff other people who like that artist listen to, or look up a new artist to see what their most popular songs are.

Next, you will want to direct your attention to the 'guides' section. I found another cool javascript to give a most pleasing interface. I hope you find it interesting.

lastly, i need to find a real web host. northwestern is getting rid of this small free webspace. any suggestions?

[ 01-06-06 1:30am ]

Ok! made a new stylesheet for the webpage. really, i just implemented some graphics and design concepts i had used on a previos version of my webpage. Change it Here: Dark Light Firfox can do it nativly, just go up to "View->Page Style" to change it. I added these buttons here for other browsers. I used a javascript function to easily make those buttons and to set a cookie that keeps track of your style preference. (bah, and IE blocks it. its not harmfull, just make IE allow it)

[ 01-04-06 10:54am ]

Made some changes, hopefully easier to read. also working on generalizing the layout so that different schemes can be selected (like one that isn't all black and blue :P) I'll let you know when the white and blue one is finished.

next thing, other than different screens, is finding a way to better present info like in the other sections. pop up windows? expanding and collapsing text sections? is that possible?

[ 10-29-05 3:52am ]

a little change in layout. no more scrolling, nicely centered in the page. There is a first blog up in the blog section. I also added a short guide in the computers section for how i go about finding a file i want on the internet.

[ 10-2-05 8:20pm ]

well, i guess i update only once a month now. if you want to know more faster and don't use AIM, i created a little link so that you can read my profile (given that my computer is on, which is of a very high probability). lordfolken09.is.dreaming.org Its most frequently updated simply because of its ease and that everyone here uses it.

[ 9-25-05 3:24am ]

Well, i just spent the entire night working on getting my page to work in internet explorer. i keep forgeting how stupid ie is, and that i should maybe initially program in ie instead of firefox. firefox is so smart and forgiving, it will show me the page as i want it, whereas ie will just go "Blah! you didn't do it the exact and only stupid way i know of!" come on, if i don't set a left distance, its because there isn't one, right? no, ie "goes wtf, no left distance? then i'll put it wherever the damn hell i feel like!" also, IE doesn't support so many CSS standards, such as dotted borders and instead makes them dashed. There is a complicated fix, but hell, i trust everyone reading this is useing firefox/mozilla/opera anyway, and the ie people should switch or just deal with the less-than-perfect page. </rant>

[ 9-3-05 2:55am ]

Yay! New design! I don't like the name much, folkenfire, and am still looking for the right name for the website-to-be. The name 'folkenfire' got some ideas rolling in my head, and out this popped (well, after 6 or so hours). Help me with site names, if you can. i want something like 'folken's _______' with the unknown word meaning 'a place for contemplation'. i know the word must exist, i just cant think of it. 'folken's pensive' 'folken's muse' 'folken:dream' 'folken's grotto'

Here's a link-o-th'-day: Web browser standards support. Don't read it all, just scroll down and look at how internet explorer compairs to firefox in all the things it doesn't support. get firefox now. internet explorer hasn't been updated in years and is unsafe and insecure. it only takes a moment to switch, and you won't regret it.

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